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What makes good ice cream?

I see Bethany forgot to identify herself beyond “daughter.” Oh, well, we’ll get better at this blog thing with practice, I’m sure.

Meanwhile, I want to talk about what makes ice cream good. Obviously there are differences in actual quality from place to place and even flavor to flavor. But how much is perceived quality related to the situation? You know, where you are, how you’re feeling that day, who you’re eating ice cream with, etc.

Italy’s gelato is fabulous from a purely sensory standpoint–rich, smooth, creamy. But I’d posit that part of that sensory bliss comes from eating it in ITALY as opposed to eating it in your own kitchen. Fenocchio’s in Nice has an amazing variety of flavors, as Bethany said. But it’s also located in the outrageously picturesque Place Rossetti in Old Nice, which enhances the whole ice cream experience.

And there’s nothing like some lemon ice on a really hot day, say in the Il Campo of Siena, Italy.

So, what are your favorite ice cream memories? Bethany? Anyone?

–Brenda 🙂

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The BEST ice cream in the WORLD!

…and I’m “the Daughter.” Gonna have to do something about that moniker. So, I’m going to step up and make an outlandish claim: that I have found the BEST ice cream in the WHOLE WORLD. Now, I haven’t been everywhere in the whole world (yet), so I’m open to anyone who cares to disagree with me, but in my humble opinion, the ice cream to be found at Fennocchio’s gelateria in Nice, France, is the best ice cream in the world. First off, they’ve got at least 70 different flavors. This includes some flavors wholly innappropriate for ice cream (such as “avacado,” “sun dried tomato” and “pepper”) but others that you’ll never find anywhere else that are AMAZING (such as the floral flavors like “rose” and “lavendar” or others like “ginger” and “pear”). The flavors are so intense, so pure, so realistic… and the texture is ridiculously rich and creamy. I have to sit down to eat this ice cream. It’s that good.

So there! The gauntlet is thrown! If you think you know of a place with the best ice cream in the world, please let me know. I am a very fair-minded and magnanimous sort of person. I want to give a fair chance to all contenders for the world’s greatest ice cream throne. I will eat them all with equal joy and attentiveness to detail. Why? Because I am an egalatarian spirit.

And because I want the scoop on some truly delectable ice cream.

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