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Decadence in a pinch

So I’m home from college, visiting my wonderful parents, when a craving for seriously decadent ice cream hits me.  I open the freezer, and the ONLY THING THERE is some LOW FAT, STOREBOUGHT ice cream.  Instead of growing despondent, accusatory, or railing against fate, however, I discovered that one CAN make the most of this seemingly desolate situation.  Take whatever ice cream is in your fridge.  Put it in a bowl.  Leave room.  Go to your liquor cabinet.  I found Creme de Menthe.  Perhaps you will find Kahlua.  It will make the ice cream better–I promise.  Then try to find anything else you can add–whipped cream (real or fake), chocolate sauce, chocolate chips from the pantry, marshmallows, whatever.  And the best possible find?  A box of Girl Scout cookies that survived the first assault–crumble a thin mint or two on top and you’ll forget about the fact that you’re eating what USED to be second-rate store bought ice cream.  Enjoy!

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