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Beach Party

Beth here.

It’s really cold in Indiana right now, which makes me very sad. I am still soldiering on and eating copious amounts of ice cream, but I feel slightly (only slightly) silly standing outside of Bruster’s in 5 degree (F) weather ordering a frozen, creamy, dreamy concoction while jumping up and down repeatedly to make sure that I don’t freeze to death.

But never mind the cold! We decided to thumb our noses at the frosty heavens, crank the heat up, and have a beach party this weekend. With piña coladas, mojitos, and painkillers galore, we took decadence to a new, Caribbean high. Just the sight of my dad in bermuda shorts, a crazy tropical print shirt and goofy sun hat was enough to get me laughing hard enough that frozen rum drink came out my nose–which made me forget all about the winter blues. With the help of Annette Funicello (who, it turns out, canNOT sing), Frankie Avalon, and the rest of the gang, we were able to escape the bleak Indiana winter for the brief respite of one evening of magic. Magic that will (hopefully) buoy our spirits until it stops being so freaking cold.

P.S. Where can I get a fringe dress?


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Caribbean Ice Cream

Brenda here:

Yes, I know, it’s been a while since we’ve posted. Holidays, traveling, catching up from traveling, what can I say? But I do want to report in on two places we discovered during our escape from the frozen north. On St. Maarten we found not one, but two gelaterias, one within walking distance of our condo! The big GELATERIA sign predictably caught our eye as we drove past, so we made a point of visiting. A sign on the side read “Where’s Ivan?” so we’re assuming that’s the actual name of the place, though we won’t swear to it. We sampled our standard chocolate as well as the raspberry ice. (Hey, it was in the eighties in St Maarten!) The raspberry was fruity and refreshing, but we can’t say the chocolate was up to European standards. Still, it beat the heck out of most store-bought ice cream, so we’re not complaining!

The other place we found was on the boardwalk (well, I guess it’s not really a BOARDwalk, but a nice, wide walkway along the beach) in Phillipsburg, also on the Dutch side of the island, but with much stronger French influence. In case you don’t know, St Martin/Maarten is only 37 square miles, but is two separate countries, French and Dutch. It’s hard to tell when you go from one to the other–no border crossings or anything like that–but they use European power outlets and take euro on the French side, while they use our American 110 outlets on the Dutch side and theoretically take the Florin, though we never saw any currency but dollars.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes, ice cream! Vanille & Chocolat Ice Cream Parlor was very French and both the chocolate (dark chocolate!) and the chocolate orange were definitely up to European standards. Excellent, and a wonderful way to take a little break from the sun. Highly recommended.

Brenda & Beth in St Maarten


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