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Gelato in L.A.

So my sister Dawn recently moved to L.A. to make her fortune (which she undoubtably will–she’s a brilliant actress and absolutely gorgeous–she fits the movie star look much better than I do–probably because she’s not nearly as obsessed with ice cream as I am…) and has gotten the classic job-for-aspiring-actor-needing-to-pay-rent: bartending at a swanky restaurant. I went to visit her over spring break and spent some time at said restaurant since she couldn’t get time off: Il Moro. It’s in West L.A. (near Santa Monica) and it’s owned by a couple of sweet Italian guys who seemed to think that the fact that I can say a few things in Italian and that they like my sister’s work was reason enough to shower me with free food while I was there.


I managed to casually let it slip that I was crazy for gelato (when one is a graduate student, one has no shame when it comes the the procurement of free foodstuffs) and Elio (one of the owners) quickly brought out this beautiful tray with three scoops of different flavored gelato, each cradled in a finely crafted chocolate cup. I nearly wept at the beauty of it.

The flavors were: coconut, vanilla, and chocolate rum. Can you guess which was my favorite? They were all delicious, but I’m afraid that coconut and vanilla simply can’t compete with chocolate, particularly with chocolate also flavored with RUM. Yum. On our scale of 5, I would give it a 4.5 for flavor and a 3 for texture–it had the ever-so-slightly crystaline texture to it that is quite common, even in Italy. It’s the real stuff, though. Absolutely delicious and definitely worth a trip, even though the Godawful L.A. traffic.

Besides, the bartender is a total hottie.


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