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The obvious topic for today, and I have much to be grateful for beyond ice cream (though that’s always a biggie!)  Thanksgiving is probably the closest thing we have in the US to “National Decadence Day,” so I feel obliged to pay homage to that here, where we’re all about decadence.

Bethany is home and helping with the cooking, and we have plenty of decadent delights planned, starting with the cinnamon-walnut scones she made for breakfast. Did you know that if you add only a tiny pinch of sugar to whipping cream, then over-whip it until it’s the consistency of soft butter, you have a darned good approximation of clotted cream? I fell completely in love with clotted cream while touring England a few years ago, but hadn’t been particularly successful finding it in the States, so this was a magnificent discovery.

Later, we’ll have our traditional turkey (just a breast this year with only three of us to eat it), stuffing the way my own mother used to make it, yams (with cinnamon) and a spinach and cream cheese casserole (which has replaced the traditional green bean thing no one really ate). Oh, and pumpkin bread (already made), possibly pumpkin pie (we’re still debating). And Bethany is making a lemon meringue pie (my favorite!) from scratch. Bestill my heart! The only ice cream of the day is vanilla bean (store bought) to go with the blueberry pie someone brought to a recent party and left to our tender mercies.

Sometime after dinner we’ll be iChatting with Dawn in Japan. (For anyone who has never iChatted, it’s the most amazing, futuristic experience! Real-time video conferencing with the other side of the globe, using only our laptops!)  The timing is tricky, since she’s twelve hours ahead of us, meaning narrow windows when we’re both awake and she’s not working. We’ll try to manage an iToast…well, on our side. It will be about noon her time, so she’ll probably be drinking tea.

Back to thankfulness, I’m beyond grateful for my daughters and especially for the wonderful relationship we have. I think the key is listening—really listening—to each other. Not just them listening to me. Nor just me listening to them. Honest, two-way conversations short-circuit so many things that could have become disagreements. Also, finding a few things that we both/all enjoy doing together continues to bond us more tightly.  For all of you reading, I wish you as much to be thankful for as I have today!

Happy Thanksgiving!

–Brenda 🙂

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Warmer pleasures

Now that our lovely Indian Summer has broken and more wintry weather is setting in, I confess that I’m looking for warmer ways than ice cream to experience decadence. My current favorite, especially since I’m not walking off calories so much this time of year, is a huge cup of hot tea and a fistful of chocolate chips.  I have a fair assortment of tea flavors, both with and without caffeine, but I’m always on the prowl for others I haven’t tried.  So please, anyone with favorite teas to share or other favorite cold-weather ideas for decadence, share!

–Brenda 🙂

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