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An ice cream project

The Beach Party was great–so much fun that I think we’ll have to make it an annual event!  I saw someone with a camera (not me, alas–blame the mojitos) and if I can track him down and get him to send some to me, I’ll share, as long as they’re not too terribly embarrassing.

Meanwhile, it’s unfortunately still winter and if the groundhog sees his shadow tomorrow, spring could be a long time coming. Which means we need a new project until prime ice-cream-travel season rolls back around.  It may be kind of lame compared to sampling gelato across Italy, but I believe Bethany and I need to do a thorough comparison of store-bought ice cream and report back.  If nothing else, it will pass the time, and who knows? Maybe we’ll find a winner or two that can let us pretend it’s summer for a brief, blissful while.

More to follow, after appropriate research…

–Brenda 🙂

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