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Speaking of cheesecake…

This isn’t strictly ice cream related (see my earlier post about seeking warmer treats for cold weather) but I want to address that cheesecake Bethany mentioned.  It was really, really good, but also very intense, with the result that it lasted a surprisingly long time. (It’s gone now, though.)  Even so, I remain a purist when it comes to cheesecake. Oh, it’s fine to put fruit on top, but once you start adulterating the actual cheesecake itself with things like chocolate or pralines or amaretto, it’s no longer quite cheesecake, in my book. It can still be a darned fine dessert, but not cheesecake.

All of which is making me want to go back to New York City for some of Roxy’s cheesecake, now that I think of it.

So, branching out a bit from ice cream, where else can one fine truly spectacular cheesecake? (Keeping in mind, I’m a purist!)

–Brenda 🙂

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Cold Stone Creamery

Beth here.

Continuing my explorations for quality ice cream within the narrow confines of Indiana (you gotta work with what you got…), I went with a trusty friend to the Cold Stone Creamery last week. Generally, I think their ice cream is overpriced, but it *is* pretty darn tasty–and they’re open late, which is why I ended up there in the first place (sometimes you need ice cream at 10pm–in those instances, it’s good to know you have someplace you can go). I had the Dark Chocolate Mint flavor with Oreos mixed in. No complaints here! Their ice cream does tend to be a little too… elastic, is perhaps the right word, but is very rich, creamy, and the mix-in format allows for creativity, which is fun. They’ve also got a bunch of “Signature Creations” in case your muse is taking a nap–and every single one of those that I’ve tried has been pretty fantastic. I think “Chocolate Devotion” and “Cheesecake Fantasy” may be among my favorites, but there are so many still to try…

Speaking of cheesecake, I just made my first attempt last week–a chocolate cheesecake with a layer of caramel and pecans on the bottom and drizzled with caramel and dark chocolate on top. I think there’s kind of too much going on for it to really taste like cheesecake–it sort of tastes more like the best candy bar EVER. Melting caramel aside (pain in the butt!), it’s a pretty easy recipe if you’re looking for something decadent… More on my further adventures in cheesecake when I have them.


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